Lawyers Handling Left-Turn Accident Claims

These collisions occur when a driver starts to turn left at an intersection and hits a car coming in the opposite direction. The result can be significant damage to the vehicles and serious injuries to both drivers and passengers.

The determination of fault in a left-turn accident claim can be both legally and factually complex. If you have been involved in a left-turn accident, you need a skilled and experienced lawyer to ensure that the at-fault driver is held responsible for your injuries.

Proving Your Case and Obtaining Compensation

ICBC accident claims are best handled by lawyers who have in-depth knowledge of ICBC and its procedures. Sugden, McFee & Roos LLP has established itself as a firm skilled in handling complex litigation in Vancouver. We routinely manage ICBC accident claims for clients who have suffered serious injuries, including those resulting from left-turn car accidents.

At Sugden, McFee & Roos LLP, we have the skill and experience to advance your left-turn accident claim. Where necessary and appropriate, our lawyers are able to retain leading accident reconstruction experts to ensure that our clients have the best evidence available to them if their claim proceeds to court.

While you focus on healing and obtaining the medical care you need, our lawyers will handle all dealings with ICBC. We are known for our effective advocacy skills both in and out of the courtroom. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that we will do everything possible to advance their claims for full and fair compensation.

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