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"Fraudsters" and ICBC

An interesting article was published by The Province this week suggesting that ICBC is using social media to "sniff out" insurance fraud braggarts. I have written in the past about the potential pitfalls of social media with respect to a personal injury claim.  


This article in the Province is illustrative of these issues. Personally, I would urge caution before labelling people "fraudsters" in many of the circumstances outlined by ICBC. The mere fact that an injured plaintiff has social media postings showing exciting or memorable moments in their life is not, absent other evidence and information, absolute proof that the claimant is overstating or exaggerating his or her injuries.

In certain circumstances, of course, if an injured party says "black" and his or her social media postings prove "white", such materials can be incredibly useful for ICBC. That being said, in most situations that I have dealt with, it is never that clear and ICBC attempts to use an individual's social media postings in an attempt to discredit genuinely injured people.

At the end of the day, as I have said in the past, it can be important to be sensible with your social media postings whenever you have an open claim with ICBC. 

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