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ICBC Injury Caps

The government of BC is facing a massive financial shortfall in operations at ICBC. They have advised that they are now looking at capping injury claims as a way to save money and help fix the problem.

If you are injured in a car accident right now, you have the right to get a lawyer and use the legal system to obtain a fair amount of compensation to help you with your injury.

A cap on injury claim payouts would mean that if you are hit by a car, ICBC may only pay you a pre-set amount for your injury.

There are lots of problems with an injury cap system. In particular, injury caps unfairly harm those in our community who are often economically disadvantaged such as the elderly, immigrant communities and BC's working class. Under a cap system, injured people may receive compensation that is insufficient for their future care and recovery, worsening their financial situation and their quality of life.

Our firm is part of a coalition that is saying "NO" to the idea of caps. We believe that caps are bad for British Columbians, bad for our members, and will not solve ICBC's problems.

And there are alternatives! According to ICBC, in 2015 there were 300,000 car accidents. As one example, if every driver who caused each accident were obliged to pay the first $1,000 of any required financial settlement, ICBC would save $300 million.

To also say "NO" to caps, you can go to and make your voice heard.

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