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What is the first thing I should do if I have been injured?

At the outset, it is important that you seek appropriate medical assistance. Should you later commence an action against the party or parties at fault, it can be very important that you sought treatment in a timely manner and also took steps to rehabilitate your injuries.

In most cases, it also makes sense for you to seek the assistance of a lawyer. We will provide you with a free consultation at no cost and, even if you decide not to retain legal counsel, no doubt we will be able to provide you with information that you will find valuable.

Please give us a call at 866-826-9772 or contact us by email: “How can we help?”.

Do I need a lawyer?

In our experience, there are not many cases where it does not make sense for an injured party to be represented by a lawyer. We have the necessary experience to ensure that you receive fair compensation from the party who injured you, be it by way of settlement or through trial.

We have the necessary relationships with the experts required to properly develop your claim and we have the ability to properly document and investigate your accident. This can be particularly important in motor vehicle cases and medical negligence cases where there may be issues with respect to the defendant(s) liability.

How are you paid?

We discuss this issue in more detail in our “Fee Guarantee”. In the vast majority of these cases, our clients prefer to retain us on a contingency basis. This provides our clients with less risk in terms of their legal expense.

We are always pleased to respond to any questions that you might have with respect to our fees.

Should I pursue a claim?

This is an issue that we cannot advise you on without having a complete understanding of the circumstances of your particular case.

Although there are always a number of considerations that must be considered when assessing whether it makes sense to pursue a lawsuit, the potential value of your claim (which is derived from the nature and extent of your injuries), as well as likelihood of success you would have in a case are always two important factors to be considered.

We can assist you in determining whether you should pursue legal action. Please give us a call at 866-826-9772 or contact us by email: “How can we help?”.

How much is my claim worth?

This is yet another question that does not give an easy answer. The value of a person’s claim varies depending on the circumstances of the individual, the nature of his or her injuries and the strength of the case against the party or parties alleged to be at fault. It typically takes a great deal of time to develop the evidence necessary to quantify a person’s claim. That being said, the following issues are typically considered when trying to quantify a claim:

  • Who was at fault for the accident or incident?
  • Is there an argument available that the injured party must bear a portion of the fault?
  • The nature and extent of your physical and emotional injuries.
  • Your prognosis for recovery and anticipated treatment plan.
  • The anticipated costs for the necessary future care.
  • The nature of your employment both before and after the accident.
  • The impact of the accident on your life.

What type of damages am I entitled to?

As noted in response to the previous question, there are a number of factors that must be considered when quantifying a person’s personal injury claim. Some of the categories of damages that are typically recovered include:

  • Pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of past income
  • Loss of future income / income earning capacity
  • Cost of future care
  • Loss of housekeeping capacity
  • Special damages – out of pocket expenses

What do I need to bring when I meet with you?

We typically ask people to bring everything that they have pertaining to the possible claim, which can include photographs of the accident site, medical records, police reports or even statements given to insurance adjusters if you have done this prior to retaining counsel. The range of material that is available is different in each case. As a general rule, we find that it is best if you can send us the information prior to the meeting so we have an opportunity to review the material in advance.

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