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Ryan Reynolds Hit and Run: What should You do if You were in Ryan's Shoes?

In town filming the "superhero" movie Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds was reportedly hit by an overly eager paparazzo's car in a Vancouver hotel parking lot on the weekend. Deadpool apparently has superhuman healing powers and Ryan has Blake Lively, so chances are Ryan will bounce back from any personal injuries. Unfortunately, the rest of us mere mortals need to be on our toes to ensure we are covered in the event of a hit and run accident.

North Vancouver Hit and Run Accident a Lesson for Drivers and Pedestrians Alike

ns-provincial-court.jpgA tragic story about a hit and run pedestrian accident reported in the February 18, 2015 edition of the North Shore News provides important lessons for both drivers and pedestrians.

Top 10 Reasons to Tell the Truth in Your Personal Injury Case

ICBC.jpgWe all know that "honesty is the best policy" in our daily lives.  Unfortunately, some people forget that rule when it comes to their personal injury case where being truthful is just as important.  According to a recent report by ICBC, an estimated 10%-15% of personal injury claims are either fraudulent or exaggerated. Here are the top ten reasons to tell the truth in your personal injury case:

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